Mudspa 1,6 kg

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Mudspa 1,6 kg - mineral mud from Saki lake


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The mud from the lake at Saki is world famous for its healing powers, since the early 1800’s Saki Mud has been used to treat a multitude of ailments due to its therapeutic powers. In this blog we look at why mud has such healing powers and in particular Saki Mud.

Mud is basically silt that has been forming for thousands of years by complex biological and chemical reactions and processes in lakes and rivers. This complex substance commonly known as mud contains many bioactive substances such as hormones, vitamins, enzymes and salts. With these components it is hardly surprising that mud is beneficial to the human body, it helps blood circulation, improves the metabolism and contributes to the enrichment of tissues with high oxygen levels. Also with its high antioxidant properties, it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

A short instruction using mud for rectal prostate gland

1. Add 20% water to the mud and mix to homogeneaus consistency

2. Fill a 50 ml syringe

3. Heat the syrige with the mud to body temperature

4. Do the enema

5. Apply the mud to the anus

6. Hold for 30 min and then empty yourself

Mud can be used for prophylactic purposed of teeth and gums.

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Mudspa Video

Mudspa Video

Mudspa Video

Mudspa Video

Mudspa Video