Muscle and nerve electrical stimulator


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Muscle and nerve electrical stimulator

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Muscle and nerve electrical stimulator


Modern, handheld device for electrotherapy. Perfect for self-use at home, hospital or gym.

Muscle and nerve stimulator is a device that can be used as an analgesic therapy and as muscle strengthening or massage as well. The operation of the device is based mainly on the reproduction of the body’s impulses, they are transmitted by electrodes through the skin up to the nerve and muscle fibres. Electrodes are fixed in many places and electrical impulses are safe and practically painless.

EMS- it is a widespread method in sports medicine and rehabilitations.

You can use it to: muscle training and strength increase, relaxing muscle tension, after training, when you feel muscle fatigue, muscle regeneration after training.

TENS – the method of chronic pain treatment, diagnosed clinically. It is used at: back pain, pain in the joints, neuralgia, headaches, menstrual complains, post-traumatic pain of the musculoskeletal system,  in disorders of blood circulations, chronic pain of various origins.


- Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS),

- electric nerve stimulation (TENS),

- massage function as relaxation and well-being

- 4 self-adhesive electrodes, batteries

- 8 programs

- Illuminated easy-to-read display


Instruction in pdf for download

Price 55 zl

The product, used in the therapy at the Academy of Regenerative Medicine.

By using the author's method of Aliaksandr Haretski, the Academy of Regenerative Medicine carries out complex body cleansing and regeneration. This unique method allows us to heal not only separate damaged parts of the body, but also the whole body by cleansing it of harmful toxins, eliminating the main causes of diseases, boosting the immune system and launching the body's self-renewal process. This method is recognized as the only effective one for treatment of many incurable diseases. Its side effects – body rejuvenation and stopping its aging process are very positive. The motto of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine is «Your health is in your hands!”. Therefore the patients of the Academy receive a dose of the necessary knowledge which accompanies them later in everyday life. The procedures are harmless and 100% natural (we don’t use any medication!). So you can easily perform them at home. Thanks to qualified and professional staff, the Academy of Regenerative Medicine has been successfully treating people from all over the world for several years.