Muscle and nerve electrical stimulator TENS EMS

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Muscle and nerve electrical stimulator TENS EMS

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100,00 zł

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Muscle and nerve electrical stimulator TENS EMS


Electrostimulator is a modern device that provides comfortable analgesic currents TENS and gives the effect of slimming and muscle development EMS. It is a two-channel device that simultaneously supports up to 8 electrodes. ECO30 has a built-in efficient battery charged via the USB port or optionally a power supply. A clear, backlit LCD display allows you to monitor the current operating parameters of the device. The ECO30 model is tiny and light, that making it ideal for both home and traveling. The device is fitted with popular and cheapest electrodes that connect PIN/WTYK2mm.

There are 16 programs in the device’s memory:

-          4 types of massages – relief in pain and relax muscles.

-          Reflexology(3types)-acupuncture of hands and feet

-          Foot massages(2 types)-supports circulation, analgesic

-          3types of acupuncture

-          Migraine headaches (2types)-for stimulating the temple or neck

-          Auriculotherapy (2types )- ear acupuncture

In each set there are:

4 self-adhesive gel electrodes 5x5 cm

Connecting cables

USB charging cable

Price 100 zl