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Bath foam extract from fir and pine needles 1 liter

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Bath foam extract from fir and pine needles 1 liter

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Bath foam extract from fir and pine needles 1 liter

Haretski Gold of the forest natural extract from fir and pine needles.

We offer a bath made of coniferous concentrate from ecologically clean forest areas. Biologically active substances are essential oils, phytoncides, chlorophyll and balsamic minerals which have been obtained by hand using only steam under pressure. Only spring water was used and preservative is citric acid .

Gold of the forest is a 99% natural product.

The components of the extract have a refreshing and relaxing effect to fight with permanent fatigue and restore vitality.

Needle extract baths were recommended to wounded in battles to heal wounds, widows to soothe a sore soul and children were bathed to be strong and healthy.


Add 100ml of the extract into 120-10 liter bath. The optimal bath temperature is 35-37 C. Bath duration 20-40 minutes. There are no restrictions on use.

Shake well before use because it is possible to form a sediment.

Store in temperature 5-25 C far from the light. Keep away from children.

The product has been dermatologically tested.

Expiration date 24 months.

Capacity 1 liter.

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